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Outlook, Skype, OneDrive, Hotmail

  • Is that why I get strange logins for Hotmail now?
  • I don't have a Skype, nor a One Drive, nor an X Box?
What has an email account to do with online telephones, or a gaming login?


I have had 2 Hotmail accounts outlook for YEARS. They are now approaching unusable, one is my fail over non ISP non my mail server account, and the other my risky use one.

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What is the font used on windows hotmail?

Times Roman is the used font used on windows hotmail. The Times Roman font can be changed through editing while composing an email in which windows hotmail is being used.

How do chat on hotmail

This is extremely easy, to chat on hotmail first you will need to download Windows Live Messenger. Windows Live Messenger will not have the viruses, so you do not have to worry.

So once that is downloaded sign into Windows Live Messenger with your email and password for your email account then you will be able to chat and when on hotmail once you have downloaded Windows Live Messenger then from your emails you can also chat from your inbox.

How to unfriend in hotmail

To unfriend in hotmail, just do the following:

First, you click on the little box to the left of the person that you want to ''Unfriend'' .Next step go to the top of the screen then click delete - a box will appear asking you to confirm deleting them. 

Click okay, then your good to go. This will delete them from your contacts, as well as being your friend. After you delete them, you can re-create the contact, since here you just won't be friends with them.

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How to sync hotmail folders to MacBook Pro Mail?

My hotmail account was already synced into the Mail in my MacBook Pro laptop but I encountered the problem. I only shows the "Inbox," "Sent" and "Trash" mailboxes or folders. 

I want it to be able to sync my other customized hotmail folders, such as "Academics," "Bills," a separate folder with email from just one person, etc. How would I go about doing that (preferably step by step)?
Hotmail only allows POP access, which means you can only download mail arriving in the inbox.

To be able to synchronize all your email you will need to use IMAP, but unfortunately Hotmail does not allow you to do this.

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The solution is to create a Gmail account. This account can pull in all your email from your Hotmail account, and will also allow you to send email from your Hotmail address.

Once you have done that you can setup your Apple Mail to synchronize with the Gmail account, and voila you have all your email on your MacBook and you can also get to it from the web.

You can find detailed guides on how to do this at where you can also ask further questions.

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Syncing problem on Android and Mac

We have 1Password on a Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, and hotmail com login , and Android pad, outlook web app . We use Dropbox to store and sync to our password data. 

The Mac and the Android phone do not sync correctly. All other devices do. I have thoroughly searched for a hidden second vault. There is none as far as I can find. In addition to this problem, the Android phone indicates that we are using a free trial which will expire in three days. We've been using it for months (I can't remember the install date.)

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I sent the diagnostic for the Android phone. The Mac diagnostic wouldn't launch mail, and dragging the diagnostic file into hotmail resulted in an error message in both gmail and hotmail email , although I could view all the files in the diagnostic folder. 

Copying the files instead of the folder didn't work either.

if my hotmail account is hacked, can i lock it using 1password app?

If any of my accounts is hacked, can i lock that account using my 1password app on my iphone? example, if i feel someone has hacked my hotmail email, or playstation account, can i change my password details using my 1password app and lock that account?

One of the benefits of using 1Password is that you can use strong, unique passwords everywhere. I'll address why each one of those is important:

If you use a password like mydogsname37 that can easily be guessed by automated cracking tools. 1Password will generate uncrackable passwords like FVF9Rz]r8MA)84Y+DW8xuJFNWegF2/mJ.eZ%*/87ay+2es7C^i. We have an article and video explaining how to change your passwords and make them stronger.

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Even if you are using strong passwords hotmail com login, it's possible that a site is not storing them correctly or gets hacked in some other way besides someone guessing your password. In that case, it is important to use a unique password everywhere. So if the Oprah fan site where I have an account gets hacked, and they weren't storing my password in a safe way, the attackers won't be able to get into my bank account because I am using a different password for my bank account. I use a different password for every single website, so a hack on one won't affect any others.

Those are your best defenses against your account ever being hacked. If someone has obtained access to your account because you used a weak password or used the same password on more than one website, you can try to change the password on the account to prevent them from having access to it, but you may simply need to make a new hotmail outlook account to ensure they don't have access. It really depends on how they obtained access.

Your best best is to use 1Password to make your passwords strong and unique to prevent anything from happening to one of your accounts.