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Microsof company finished up the migration of 300 million Hotmail users

Microsof company finished up the migration of 300 million energetic hotmail login users to Perspective during the last week or so and is hoping that those who stuck with Hotmail all these years despite perhaps better selections for their emailing needs will "come to love" their new email. However, there are already those who have articulately disagreed on Twitter:

Permit me boost the comfort with you hotmail login - since you changed to hotmail outlook, you have been a massive puncture.

And the firm has also been forced recently to backpedal furiously on its Windows 8 UI. "Key aspects" of the software would be changed, head of marketing and finance for Microsoft’s Windows group Tami Reller was forced to admit, saying:

We feel good that we've took in and viewed all of the customer feedback. We all are being principled, not stubborn.

... Rather glossing over the fact that Redmond has been ignoring the cries of torment since the operating system first debuted and compelled users to go "tablet" whether or not they wanted the desktop look or not. But she did acknowledge:

It’s very clear we're able to and should have done more.

Meanwhile, tip-top Googler Eric Schmidt has recommended that what the internet really needs is a large ol' delete button. For the sake of folks' personal privacy, particularly kids who are going to be bitten on the ass by the junk they post online now, people need in order to flush their presence offline, he said:

Inside America, which sense of fairness that's culturally true for all of all of us. Having less a delete button on the internet is a considerable concern. There exists a time when erasure is a right thing.

In the storage world, HDS veep of product planning Michael Hay had this baffling, possibly coded message about what was coming soon from the firm:

So this 7 days if you’re spellbound by a ringleader’s sizzling showmanship while he announces the latest hijinks of the Bourne clown troupe masking as a fire escouade to “save the safe-keeping world as we know it, ” pause and ask: “Where’s the meat? ” If you ask this question, and I actually believe you will, I have an answer for both you and it is approaching later in may.

He was referring to his company's Hitachi Virtual Storage Program and Hitachi Unified Safe-keeping VM, and Bourne storage-maker EMC'S latest product, ViPR, though what he was referring to is another question entirely.

And lastly, one assess in the US has clearly had enough of patent trolls like Garantia Law, which filed tons of suits against individuals it accused of downloading it copyrighted X-rated movies in the hopes of getting them to cough up some cash or be outed as the type of person who would bit-torrent porn. In a Celebrity Trek-reference-heavy ruling, US Region Court judge Otis Wright said he had exceeded information about the organization along to various firms for investigation.

He said:

Plaintiffs have outmaneuvered the legal system. They’ve discovered the nexus of antiquated copyright laws, paralyzing social judgment, and unaffordable defense costs. Plus they exploit this abnormality by accusing individuals of illegally downloading a individual pornographic video. Then they give to settle — for a sum calculated to be just below the cost of a bare-bones defense.

For the individuals, resistance is useless; most reluctantly pay rather than have their names associated with illegally downloading porn. So now, copyright laws laws originally made to recompense starving artists allow starving attorneys in this electronic-media era to plunder the citizenry.

Wright also accused legal representatives attached to Ropa Law of lies, fraud, forgery and ignoring court orders:

There is little doubt that Steele, Hansmeier, Duffy, Gibbs suffer from a kind of moral turpitude unbecoming of the officer of the court. To this end, the Court will relate them to their respective state and federal bars.

And said that the porno troll's data would be passed along to other agencies:

Though Injured persons boldly probe the outskirts of law, the sole organization they resemble is VASTO (Racketeer Influenced and Damaged Organizations Act).

The federal agency 11 decks upward is familiar with their prime directive and will gladly refit them for their next voyage.

The particular Court will refer this matter to the United States Attorney for the Central District of California. It will also recommend this matter to the Criminal Investigation Division of the interior Revenue Service and will notify all judges before whom these legal professionals have pending cases

Googlemail, Outlook. com and e-voting 'pwned' on stage in crypto-dodge hack

Black Loath 2013 Security researchers say they have developed an interesting trick to take over Gmail and View. com email accounts - by shooting down victims' logout requests even over a supposedly encrypted relationship.

And their classic man-in-the-middle attack could be applied to compromise electronic ballot boxes to rig elections, we're told.

Ben Smyth and Alfredo Pironti of the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (INRIA) declared they found a way to exploit flaws in Google and Microsoft's web email services using an problem in the TLS (Transport Layer Security) technology, which encrypts and secures website connections.

Full details of the attack are yet to be widely disseminated - but it was outlined for the first time in a display at this year's Black Hat hacking convention in Todas las Vegas on Wednesday.

In short, we're told, by using a TLS truncation strike on a shared computer to dam victims' account logout requests so that they unknowingly remain hotmail login: when the request to sign out is delivered, the attacker injects an unencrypted TCP FIN information to close the connection. The server-side therefore doesn't have the request and is unaware of the irregular termination.

The pair discussed:

In essence, we obstruct encrypted messages that are sent over the network to de-synchronize authorisation: we force Gmail and hotmail login[Outlook. com] to display on your web browser the page that makes announcement which you have successfully signed-out, while making sure your browser preserves authorisation with Gmail and Hotmail [Outlook. com].

Given such an announcement, you should be certain that you are secure, in particular, a hacker should not be able to access your email, in case you [log out and] leave your computer unattended. Yet , we can violate this basic security premise and entry your Gmail and Hotmail [Outlook. com] accounts just by reloading the web page.

Typically the attack does not count on installing malware or similar shenanigans: the miscreant pulling off the secret must simply put herself involving the victim and the community. That could be achieved, for example, by setting up a naughty wi-fi hotspot, or plugging a hacker-controlled router or other little box between the PC and the system.

The researchers warned that shared machines – even un-compromised computers – are not able to guarantee secure access to systems operated by Helios (an electronic voting system), Microsoft (including Account, hotmail sign up, and MSN), nor Yahoo (including Gmail, YouTube, and Search).

"This blocking can be accomplished by a so-called 'man in the middle', " Pironti advised El Reg.

"Technically, whatever piece of hardware is relaying data between you and Google could determine to stop relaying at some point, and do the [logout] blocking.

"In practice, this is very easy to do: with wireless networks (e. h. developing a rogue access point) or with wired networks (e. g. by adding a router between your cable and the wall structure plug - alternatively this could be done with custom-built hardware, which could be very small). inch

Block and deal with: Several attacks might be possible because of this of the vulnerability, according to Pironti.

"In the context of voting, a single malicious vote station worker could do the attack, voting at his pleasure for any voter. He creates his man-in-the-middle, then waits for a designated victim to the voting booth. Typically the man-in-the-middle device blocks the kind of messages. Then the harmful worker enters the voting booth (e. g. with the excuse to check that the device is operational) and votes on the victim's behalf. "

Web mail attacks on shared personal computers in settings such as libraries are also possible. An attacker simply needs to access a computer after a mark incorrectly thinks she has signed out there.

Unbeknown to the customer, the hacker's hardware will have blocked the relevant messages, yet the consumer must be shown what appears to be a "you've signed out" webpage - the core factor of the con. Right after that, it's possible for an adversary to use the pc to access the wearer's email.

"We believe this [problem] is due to a poor understanding of the security assures that may be derived from TLS and the absence of robust web application design guidelines. In publishing our results, we hope to improve awareness of these issues before heightened exploits, dependent after our attack vector, are developed, " the researchers concluded.

The strike developed by INRIA is apparently possible because of a de-synchronisation between the user’s and server’s perspective of the application state: the user receives feedback that her sign-out request has been successfully executed, whereas, the server is ignorant of the user’s demand.

"It follows intuitively that our attack vector could be exploited in other client-server state transitions, inches Smyth and Pironti discussed.

Mitigating the attack could be performed by reliably informing the user of server-side express changes. "Unfortunately, the HTTP protocol is unsuited to this kind of notification", we're told, so the researchers advocate the use of technologies including the SPDY network protocol and AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML, a web development framework).

The 2 researchers shared their conclusions with Google and Ms; the web advertising large acknowledged the discovery in its application security hall of fame.

Smyth and Pironti's presentation of their research was titled Truncating TLS connections to violate beliefs in web programs. The researchers were relatively capable to exploit the Helios electronic voting system to cast ballots on behalf of voters, take full control of Microsoft Survive accounts, and gain momentary access to Google company accounts.

Subtle reasons make Microsoft's webmail service more exposed than its Google equal, Pironti explained.

"Google happens to be less uncovered for two reasons, " Pironti told El Reg. "First, our attack uses de-synchronisation at the server based: it happens that Yahoo ensures synchronisation every 5 minutes, making our strike [only] work within this a few minutes windowpane. Second, Microsoft enables you to change your password without re-typing the old one, so even as we access the user account, we can change its password and get full control. "

Pironti said the research didn't check out other popular webmail systems, such as Yahoo! 's, so he can't say for sure whether they are vulnerable or not.

"We suspect a great many other services are broken, but we didn't look into details, " she said

Microsof company SkyDrive, Outlook stricken simply by cloud outage

Updated Microsoft's Outlook, Hotmail login,  SkyDrive, and Individuals technologies are experiencing difficulties, so that it is difficult for several men and women to gain access to the cloud services.

The difficulties began upon Wednesday morning and affected Microsoft's hosted storage, e mail and contact services. The Azure cloud coincidentally reported problems for SQL directories in the North Key US data center location.

"Microsoft is investigating an issue affecting a little number of customers' access to several Outlook. com and SkyDrive experience and that we are functioning to restore full entry to the services as quickly as possible. For the latest information, we motivate men and women to visit the particular status page, " Microsoft said inside a statement given to ZDNet The Sign up.

Here at Vulture Western we have had difficulties accessing the SkyDrive services ourselves, but have been able to login Perspective. At the time of writing no information has been available on the size associated with the outage.

In typical Redmond fashion, information about the size of the faults had been scant, with Redmond saying "services such as Hotmail, Messenger, and SkyDrive are usually experiencing technical difficulties. All of us appreciate your patient since work on the problem. inch
Both SkyDrive and People possess been brought back on-line, but Outlook is nevertheless having problems, according to improvements made to Microsoft's "service status" page.

However, anyone keen to find out information about why the faults occurred will come away dissatisfied, because the updates say "a problem was recently solved, " without giving more information.

In response to be able to multiple questions from The hotmail sign up about the precise characteristics of the problems that will befell the service, a Microsoft spokeswoman said by way of email: "We don't have anyone available to discuss this. You should relate to the dashboard regarding the latest updates. Thanks a lot. "

The SQL Sources for Windows Azure in the North Central US ALL region service is brought back online, according to be able to a different status page.

"The mitigation steps have recently been successfully executed and authenticated. Full functionality has recently been restored in the impacted North Central US sub-region. We apologize for any kind of inconvenience this has brought on our customers, " Microsof company wrote.

Requests by The Register to get contacting companies with someone from Microsoft today or tomorrow to determine what took the support down were rebuffed. A new Microsoft spokesperson told us all Redmond does not "have anyone available" to offer details on the mistake.

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Cannot delete Messages from Phone for Hotmail

Help me ! I am Mary, I am having trouble synching Hotmail to my Devour. 

I have no problem sending or receiving messages, but the Devour seems to never recognize when I have deleted messages (or moved them in to folders) on my PC. Are there some synch settings I can't find?

Some similar problems that users encounter:

- Messages deleted in hotmail on the Devour remain in my hotmail account

- Why can't I see my Hotmail folder structure on the Devour?
- .....

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Hotmail Account is Not Working on a mobile phone

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If your email account is not working on a mobile phone then go to Hotmail Phone Support, if Hotmail Account is not working on a computer then go to Hotmail Computer Support, or if there is any general problem with you Hotmail or Outlook Account like Hotmail Account Blocked or Hacked, or Send or Receive error, Someone else is using your account, it looks like someone else might be using your account, call us overprotective etc.

Then go to Hotmail Email Support If you are not tech savvy then simply call Hotmail Customer Support, Hotmail Support Number, Hotmail Customer Service, Hotmail Helpline, Hotmail Contact Number, Hotmail Helpline UK, Hotmail Phone Number or directly Contact Hotmail Support.

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If you have any problem with Hotmail Email or Outlook Email you can Contact Hotmail for further Hotmail Help or Microsoft Outlook Help.