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How to sync hotmail folders to MacBook Pro Mail?

My hotmail account was already synced into the Mail in my MacBook Pro laptop but I encountered the problem. I only shows the "Inbox," "Sent" and "Trash" mailboxes or folders. 

I want it to be able to sync my other customized hotmail folders, such as "Academics," "Bills," a separate folder with email from just one person, etc. How would I go about doing that (preferably step by step)?
Hotmail only allows POP access, which means you can only download mail arriving in the inbox.

To be able to synchronize all your email you will need to use IMAP, but unfortunately Hotmail does not allow you to do this.

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The solution is to create a Gmail account. This account can pull in all your email from your Hotmail account, and will also allow you to send email from your Hotmail address.

Once you have done that you can setup your Apple Mail to synchronize with the Gmail account, and voila you have all your email on your MacBook and you can also get to it from the web.

You can find detailed guides on how to do this at where you can also ask further questions.

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  1. Microsoft is killing off Hotmail Login at last and replacing it with, but one loyal user of the now-reviled email provider will be sad to see it go.

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